Leadership & Outreach

Mentorship & Supervision

I've been involved in several mentorship programs, including being an active member of the STEMM Diversity Mentorship Program, which aims to break down barriers that impede under-represented groups in academia. 

I've also co-supervised six undergraduate (independent project and thesis) students, facilitating research experience for undergrads.

Science Communication & Dissemination

I currently organize an ongoing virtual seminar series on research of Alaskan populations of stickleback. The aim is to share ideas and results and promote collaborative work among the community.

I also organize a weekly discussion group at McGill on evolutionary genetics, with the aim of disseminating relevant research in the field and fostering an engaging community in the department. 

I'm also helping organize the 11th International Congress on Stickleback Behaviour and Evolution, which will be held at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre from July 28th to August 1st, 2025. If you do work on stickleback and are interested in attending, please check it out!